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Lindsay Mack

Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm Lindsay.

It became a way to pause time, to stop moments and keep them forever. I want to do that for all of my clients. I want to capture each and every moment so you can relish in your wedding day forever. I fell in love with capturing weddings shortly after my business began. The emotion that can be captured at wedding is simply unmatched. 
I have three amazing kids, an supportive & loving husband.  I am very down to earth but ready to get the job done! I will be your biggest supporter & your own personal hype woman. I cannot wait to work with you! 

I'm  a mom and wife, but also a business owner and creative. When my first daughter was born, I found a love for preserving memories. Photography quickly became so much more than clicking a button-- 

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My People

While we reached out to many other talented photographers in the DC area for our wedding day, what really drew us to Lindsay was how cheerful, genuine, and comforting she was in the initial consult call. We continued to feel that way in every single conversation and interaction we had after that, so much so, that by the time our wedding day arrived,  we felt that Lindsay truly understood us as a couple and the vision we had for our wedding day photos/video. Aside from having a blast working with Lindsay and Justin, we are THRILLED to say that they also captured EVERYTHING we asked for (and more)!! 

Lucy & Michael

I set up one night to call 4 photographers and interview them to help us decide who to hire for our wedding. We talked to Lindsay first. I decided I didn't need to call anyone else. We already loved her work and talking to her there was an ease in her approach. I do not enjoy having my picture taken, but Lindsay (and her husband) made it very easy.[...] We LOVE our wedding photos and there is so much creativity and style to the shots themselves as well as her photo editing. Can't say enough about both Lindsay as a person, how easy she was to work with, and how happy we are with the end result. She's a star!

Helen & Eric

Lindsay was absolutely amazing!  Her photography style is uniquely exceptional. It strikes you with an almost vintage aesthetic. it's spontaneous yet intentional, lending itself to the true nature of the couple. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable while capturing the natural beauty of the moment. My husband and I are typically somewhat awkward in most photos but she managed to put us at ease and (not to boast) make us look like super models! We loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled photographer. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH LINDSAY!!

Mallory & John

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