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Lindsay Mack

Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm Lindsay.

It became a way to pause time, to stop moments and keep them forever. I want to do that for all of my clients. I want to capture each and every moment so you can relish in your wedding day forever. I fell in love with capturing weddings shortly after my business began. The emotion that can be captured at wedding is simply unmatched. 
I have three amazing kids, an supportive & loving husband.  I am very down to earth but ready to get the job done! I will be your biggest supporter & your own personal hype woman. I cannot wait to work with you! 

I'm  a mom and wife, but also a business owner and creative. When my first daughter was born, I found a love for preserving memories. Photography quickly became so much more than clicking a button-- 

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My People

Lindsay Mack is a gem. Not only for the quality photos she delivers but the energy and care she brings with her. When I saw the wedding video she created I cried. I still cry when I rewatch it. She captured all the best moments of my wedding. And what matters most, is Lindsay Mack took the time to get to know my husband and I. It’s important to have a photographer who knows what you value and what you want captured on your special day. And she captured all the love, silliness, and laughter.

& Connor

I set up one night to call 4 photographers and interview them to help us decide who to hire for our wedding. We talked to Lindsay first. I decided I didn't need to call anyone else. We already loved her work and talking to her there was an ease in her approach. I do not enjoy having my picture taken, but Lindsay (and her husband) made it very easy.[...] We LOVE our wedding photos and there is so much creativity and style to the shots themselves as well as her photo editing. Can't say enough about both Lindsay as a person, how easy she was to work with, and how happy we are with the end result. She's a star!

Helen & Eric

Lindsay’s gentle and nurturing personality not only allowed me to relax but also brought me down to earth when dealing with the hustle/bustle and nerves that came up on our wedding day. She was professional and prompt, and ensured she had all of the details she needed several weeks leading up to our wedding. Our wedding was held in the winter, so having Lindsay photograph was an excellent choice given her ability to take beautiful photos both indoors and outdoors when there was limited natural lighting. Lindsay has this amazing way of capturing true emotions and details in her images. She exceeded all of our expectations!

romina & andrew

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